Environmentally Responsible
Through engineering & innovation

Our philosophy in business is to ensure we leave this planet better than we found it. We do this to build a better and healthier environment, now and for the next generation and instill in them this fundamental value. This mentally and action we refer to as the REVEL Life.

Our philosophy in action includes:

33% Reduction in Plastic

Through years of research and development our company has formulated a B.P.A. free, food grade copolymer resin that uses 33% less plastic to produce a bottle when compared to traditional P.E.T. (polyethylene terephthalate) resin which is used worldwide in the production of nearly all plastic bottles for beverages.

This development is beneficial for our planet in reducing the production of plastic and not only in the context of plastic bottles. Our objective is to convert the global use of P.E.T. to this resin.

The benefits of this conversion far exceed merely lessening the amount of plastic production globally, it dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It diminishes the manufacturing of virgin plastic as well as its raw ingredients consisting of crude oil and natural gas, thereby directly reducing the transportation of both raw and finished materials.

Upon the successful development and deployment of this technology, we are committed to offering the formula, engineering details, and production specifications to any and every business completely free of charge, without any fees, royalty, perpetuity, etc.

In 2023 the global production of P.E.T. was 56.2 billion pounds or 25.5 million metric tons. This conversion would reduce the amount by 1/3 which would have lowered the annual volume to 37.5 billion pounds, eliminating 18.7 billion pounds of plastic or 8.5 million metric tons. The global demand for P.E.T. in 2030 is forecasted at 78.7 billion pounds or 35.7 million metric tons.(*8) By integrating our resin it will eliminate 26.23 billion pounds or 11.9 million metric tons.

(*8) Production data provided by Statista, Published (January 10, 2024)

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Until REVEL’s bottle is converted to a copolymer which will lower its plastic content by 33%, we are committed to our continued use of using only post-consumer recycled plastic (r.P.E.T.) versus virgin plastic (P.E.T.) in our B.P.A. free bottles. The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 67% when compared to virgin plastic.(*9)

(*9) The Association of Plastic Recyclers, Report (Dec. 2018) ‘Life Cycle Impacts for Postconsumer Recycled Resins: PET, HDPE and PP’. Analysis performed by Franklin Associates, A Division of Eastern Research Group.

Glass Bottles

Our glass bottles are made from 100% natural resources abundant on the planet. They are 100% recyclable; meaning they can be recycled infinitely with never a loss in purity or quality.

Sustainable Water Source

Our artesian aquifer is a sustainable resource. Its recharge rate far exceeds the amount of water extracted from it. This source if left untapped would remain underground and would not provide pristine drinking water to the masses.

Conservationist Methodology

To protect the natural environment and minimize land impact, our company has made a commitment to refrain from constructing new manufacturing plants or business entities on vacant land. Instead, we exclusively utilize existing certified and accredited manufacturing facilities. Within these facilities, we install our own cutting-edge filling and packaging equipment. This approach allows us to preserve land, protect the natural environment, and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. By maximizing the use of existing infrastructure, we aim to operate in an environmentally responsible manner while maintaining efficient production processes.

Like Minded Suppliers

We are committed to using suppliers, locally whenever possible, who share our same commitment to the planet and employ similar business practices in their facilities and the materials they provide.