Artesian Purity
Artesian, the rarest & purest source

Artesian and spring are the only two water sources that do not require heavy mechanical or chemical filtration prior to bottling. This is due to these sources are extracted below the earth’s surface.

Artesian is far superior to spring, as spring water is merely underground and its quality is highly dependent on the soil conditions surrounding it. The quality of spring water can be influenced by the soil it flows through, which may impact its mineral composition and purity.

In contrast, an artesian aquifer, by its definition is an underground body of water encapsulated by rock, granite, stone or clay. The water passing into the aquifer is filtered by the encapsulated semi-porous rock and then protected from the outside environment.

This unique and natural filtration process enables artesian sources to be bottled with minimal intervention, preserving its natural minerals and compounds, making it the preferred source for bottled water.